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As a middle eastern guy I have a lot of interest in dating white women Discussion in ' The Vestibule ' started by JohnnyCastle , Jun 20, Jun 20, 1. JohnnyCastle , Jun 20, Last edited by JohnnyCastle , Jun 20, Jun 20, 2. NintendoGamer , Jun 20, Jun 20, 3. Sizz06 , Jun 20, Jun 20, 4. Oh look who is back. I thought you said you had sex with a irish chick, whats the deal? Jun 20, 5. ChubbaLubba , Jun 20, Jun 20, 6.

Jun 20, 7. Headstar24 and tedza93 like this. Image 6 of 9: Many good Muslim men seem to embrace St. Muslims are free to show their devotion to their WAGs on this occasion - and some seem to take their tacky gifts religiously. Image 7 of 9: Image 8 of 9: Image 9 of 9: Image 1 of 9 Their mama chooses their wife: Image 3 of 9 No naughty business before marriage: Image 4 of 9 No romantic getaways: Image 6 of 9 V-Day, so haram: Image 7 of 9 All Arab guys are close-minded and strict: Go for it, Shadow!

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Middle Eastern men are HOT! I would be cautious.

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I just broke up with an Iranian. He was overly jealous, controlling and very secretive.

And he was a very liberal one raised in Europe. I thought there was a chance because of this, but I was pretty disappointed that his personality fit some of the stereotypes that I had previously held about Middle Eastern men. They're not all the same, but I wouldn't take a chance again. Because despite all of his wonderful qualities, I just can't handle being controlled like that. The silent treatment and games due to his own insecurities and different cultural expectations was too much. He's still playing games today even though I've started to ignore him.

My only experience comes from dating an Arab guy a few years back.

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He was charming and wonderful the first two months, then his penchant for being a control freak and overly opinionated started coming out. We broke up, and ironically he married a white Christian chick about 6 months later. They divorced, and I recently ran into him. He ranted about all her shortcomings, and as he did I thought to myself "poor woman.

Okay, so I realize that didn't help you! My point is that he did marry an American girl, but he had lots of issues that I couldn't personally live with.


Originally Posted by shadowplay. Originally Posted by BeachFan. I'll add a suggestion for the OP regarding dating Muslim men and Indian men as well. There's a big curiosity factor in dating American women. Americans are supposedly easier for casual sex, for starters. American culture allows for more permissive behavior without promise to marry. Based on the little I know about him, this guy seems like he could be pretty different from the stereotype.

He's very nice and polite, he's respectful of women when they talk and treats them like equals in intellectual discussions. He's also very well read and cultured, seems to be liberal, and has a nuanced understanding of people. I don't get the sense he's narrow-minded. If he didn't seem so different from the stereotype, I'd be totally dismissive of the idea of dating him.

Then again, this is only what I can glean from having just met him recently.