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They are 8" tall and have prickets. The pair to the right are family heirlooms, going back at least 5 generations in my family.

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They are 11" tall, and have rather clumsy brass sockets. I believe that they also had prickets, judging from how shallow the drip catchers are. The bottom of each is a round disk of brass that is soldered in, presumably to hold the weighting in.

  • Identify possible 18th century brass candlesticks | Antiques Board.
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I'm interested in where they were made, if there is a name for this style, and approximately how old each pair is. Somebody should be along soon to help Figtree3 , Mar 9, Old brass candlesticks are tough to determine age on. I think this is why you are not getting much response.

With those enclosed bottoms, I would assume 19th century at the earliest but could be wrong.

Brass Candlesticks

I am certainly no expert. More detailed photos might have clues.

We can't tell much from the single distant photo side view,. My hunch is that these aren't that old. I dunno, they look too 'clean' and 'crisp'. Antique brass candleholders were often seamed; two pieces soldered together over an open flame. Look at the finish.

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Turn the brass candleholder upside down and check for a well-finished underside, something similar to the finish on the entire candleholder. Antique candleholders have a yellow gold color. Examine the metal closely with a magnifying glass for discoloration on the bottom. Feel the bottom to check for roughness. On newer candleholders, made in the 20th century, there will be a discolored bottom, and they will not have a continuation of similar-colored brass like on the older, antique pieces. On newer pieces, there may be less quality metal on other parts of the brass candleholder as well.

Look at the shape of the base to see if it is round. Black Snow , Apr 17, You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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