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I really like to draw, to jump on off the couch just for fun: Also I am fond of active sports, swimming, skiing or riding a bike from time to time, when it is possible. Sometimes you feel you need to escape from everyday worries and to do something what will help you to forget about everything. I am fond of music and theatre.

I often visit the theatre. I sympathize with the characters on the stage. I try to understand them and, finally, I find it easier to solve my own problems watching the play. For me this is the one who possesses patience, sincerity, kindness, with a strong listening capacity, and the strength to support my decisions despite how others may perceive them.

I want him to be a good reliable shoulder, so in any hard moment I can rely on him. I always wanted to find a man who would be willing to try and make some new experiences in life, who could be fun and adventurous, outgoing and courageous. I appreciate every free minute that I have! I'm always busy with my work and studies but when I have a day off or a free evening I try to use this time profitably! I have lots of hobbies that are close to sports so I love to play team games in the fresh air in summer with my friends, arrange picnics or go hiking somewhere. If I don't have a company I just walk around the city alone thinking about my future and making plans in my mind.

Also I love movies, so going to the cinema with my beloved one can be an ideal end of the day for me. My heart is full of warm feelings and is ready to love and share this tenderness and care with somebody. I can talk a lot and make a picture of an ideal man but I don't want to do it. I believe that love is uncontrolled process and you will never know when you will fall in it. You can look for one type of men but in the end love another one So the conclusion which I've made of this is that the main thing in my partner is attention and the way he treats me. Yes, I appreciate such qualities like sense of humour, responsibility, generosity, smartness and care.

But I'm not focused on finding a man with all of these qualities. My heart is open and I'm ready to accept another type of person if he is really interested in me. Well, I have a lot of activities that I like to do in my free time. From reading books and various interesting magazines to the usual conversation on the phone with someone of my relatives or close friends.: In the evenings, I am particularly pleased to watch interesting TV shows.

I like foreign serials because each episode excites my fantasy. And sometimes I also like to do needlework. For example, knitting or embroidery. What about me, it calms me down a lot. And sometimes I like to make such presents for my relatives: For me, the perfect man is not a person who has a lot of money. It is a man who understands what honesty and loyalty is in a relationship. Such qualities as loyalty and determination are also important to me.

Oh, I think it would be right to add such a feature as care. Yes, I am one of those people who believe that caring is an important component in a relationship. Do you agree with me? This is what I value, and what about you? I have many interests and I try to devote some time to each of them. First of all, I like my dog, Naomi: We have been friends for a long time and I feel happy when spending some time with her.

I like gardening and I like home plants, too. That has been a hobby of mine for a long time already. I just love the beauty of flowers, watching them calms me down in some way. Maybe because I love everything beautiful. I am creative and work on different projects all the time, so I have to get some inspiration from somewhere. To me that is travelling. I used to do modelling some time ago, but I gave it up. I think it's very important when your beloved one supports you in what you do. I would want him to be supportive. I would want him to try to understand me and be ready for changes in his life.

I would want him to have some little dreams he follows in life, just like I do. I don't like too selfish people, so I would not want him to be selfish. I don't really have any strict requirements, he just has to be compassionate and treat me just the way he would want me to treat him.

I would be very loving and understanding and supportive, too, of course. My life rule is 'Live Full Life'. The life has only stated so I appreciate every moment. When I have free time, I try to relax. I meet my close friends and we can go to the park, to the cinema, to the beach, to the forest, visit a cafe I enjoy listening to music, it inspires me.

I can even sIeep with music in my ears, to cook and to take a shower The best way to spend a day off if you are alone is to watch some movie in the cuddles of favourite blanket. I adore spending time with children! I have little brothers cousins with whom I adore to play sometimes when we meet.

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Their laugh makes me really happy. I would like my future partner be very caring, honest and understanding. I dream of my man being as a good friend, great helper, family -oriented and loving partner for me. It is very important to know that he will support me in everything. I will appreciate every moment with him.

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It would be perfect simply to have fun and to enjoy the life together. I am a very positive person, so my man should have a good sense of humor and to be optimistic. When we have some misunderstanding, I would love to discuss everything together. No lie, no betray, no secrets - only love, trust and mutual respect! I like to spend my free time in different ways because I am an open, active and optimistic person. I like to have a rest with my family and my friends in leisure time. I have passion to read books and of course I like to watch different movies and listen to music.

Also I love cooking because I study hotel-restaurant business and it's important for my future. I have more and more stuff that I like to do in free time if you want you can ask me??? I dream about the real honorable man who will take care of his woman and she will never cry, only cry out of happiness. I found my inspiration in the art, it sparks my imagination and helps to see beauty in the details. So, I like painting and visiting different art galleries.

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I'm very interested in reading, especially psychological books and the biographies of successful people, that are the examples to follow. I always develop myself! I want to discover every side of our beautiful world! But my most enjoyable thing is spending time with my friends. I meet them as often as possible. They make my life more interested and never boring! We like walking through the city, watching movies, taking pictures I'm not perfect, so I'm not looking for a perfect man.

I need the one with all his cons. We shouldn't be completely different but have some common interests. My desired man should always understand and support me, he shouldn't force me to change my qualities or a way of life. I want my man has a good sense of humor and is always able to increase my mood. We both should seek for the positive moments and enjoy our life together! My desired man should respect my family and our values, the traditions of my country and my religion.

I try to spend my time with use. If it is summer time I go to the beach where I adore swimming in the sea or in the swimming pool and I like to have sunbathe. I like to do sport in the gym and I like to play tennis. I love going to the cinema, theater and watch new and interesting movies. I also love reading books on psychology and try new ways of self development.

But my biggest passion among all my hobbies is travelling. I love seeing new places and exploring the world.


I believe that it is better one time to see than a hundred times to hear I am searching for a smart man first of all. He should have a kind and loving heart. Kindness is an important quality for me. Also, I'd like my future man to have a good sense of humour as laugh extends your life. He should lead a healthy life style, do sport. Preferably for him to want children in the future. Also devotion is an important quality. I want him to be adequate and well mannered person. I started playing piano when I was 5.

Since that time I can't imagine my life without music: It's my inspiration and my way of self expression! I keep practicing every day. I like Beethoven, Chopin and Rachmaninoff. Would you like to hear me playing: In my free time I write articles and reports trying to improve my writing skills.

Sometimes I attend some social occasions and find the new topics for my articles: More often I stay at home and cook something delicious for me and my parents. I like Italian cuisine and dream to go to Italy to be able to cook original Italian dishes: I dream to find a man who is serious in his search, open-minded and caring. The man who values family, love and harmony and who is ready to build a relationship on the strong ground of respect and honesty. Just a normal guy who will be my special and only one: Love means for me not only a receiving, but also a giving. I want to give my man my heart, my loyalty and my tenderness.

And I really want to devote myself to my man and my family. I want to fall in love and keep our flame burning through our life! I want us to forget about lonileness and cold hearts: I consider myself an active lady, I have different interests and hobbies. I never stop trying and learning something new! I enjoy being in the open air, spending time outdoors with my friends. I love sports, especially cycling, it's one of the secrets why I am so fit and slim; Different indoor activities are also on the list of my interests: I like reading, watching movies, listening to music.

All of my hobbies make my life brighter and more interesting! I love floristry and love to make amazing beautiful arrangements, this is what I do for work and when I have free time. Recently I decided to try something I have never tried beforeā€¦ I study painting, it helps me to express the creative side of my personality. Just like every artist, I need an inspiration to create something! So maybe you will be the one who inspires me?

I am looking for a man with a big heart, a man who is fun-loving, cheerful and open-minded. I would like my future husband to be loyal, honest and reliable. I am not looking for a prince, I am looking for real man with real needs, dreams and desires. I am hoping to be the one who makes his dreams come true!

I want to share everything with my man, I want to give my fragile heart and pure soul into his arms I want my heart to skip a beat at the mere thought of him.

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I am a sportive girl, so I spend most of my free time in the gym. Doing sports brings me great pleasure and helps to keep fit. Also, I like reading. What can be better than sitting in a chair, wrapped in a cozy blanket, and reading an interesting book? Besides reading books, I can devote my leisure time to watching good films.

I prefer films in my native language, but at the same time, some Hollywood films really inspire me. I dream about being with an adult and serious man who will be serious about me. I see a kind, generous, responsible and decent man near me. I want him to be family-oriented and purposeful. We must have common goals and be on the same page in life.

When I have free time I usually spend it outside.: I enjoy nature and spending time with my friends! When the weather is not fine I like to stay at home and read an interesting book or watch a movie. I am also keen on cooking different yumminess - I use my Granny's recipe book. With its help she won my Grandpa's heart. So, I know some secrets to make my man happy! It would be very nice if I have a special person to share my time with!

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Maybe he is reading my profile now? I am far from being perfect and I am not looking for a perfect man. But I want to meet a man who will be eager to spend good and sad moments with me! I want to create a family with a family-oriented person who has lots of love and care to share with me! Respect, love, understanding and support are the most important things for me.

I want to spend my life with a strong and caring man. I want him to support and protect me and I am ready to give him all my love and tenderness! Are you ready to be my great man? I love to devote my free time to my family and friends, to take care about my home and, of course, about myself, like to spoil myself with a hot bath with bubbles: I love an active rest on nature, hiking, camping, picnics, cycling, love to go to the mountains, to admire landscapes or to the sea or a lake, swimming and playing volleyball on the beach: I love sports, and exercise every day: I am looking for a loving and loyal partner, the man who has strong family values, I am ready to open my heart to such a man if he is ready to fall in love with me unconditionally, I am looking for fidelity and devotion I think that combining studying and free time is a very important.

It's a guarantee of success. When I have time off from studying I still try to be active. I can go out of town with parents or friends, go just to sit and have a cup of fragrant coffee.

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I like to go info sports, running for instance that make me keep in shape. I visit also a gym twice a week. Very often we just have a family rest with my parents, plan our vacation time. I also like to read some good book. I enjoy historical, adventurous and novel genres. I would like to meet a man who will treat me good and will devote himself to our relationships. I want him to be honest in his thoughts and desires.

Respect is something that relationships should be based on. I want my man listen to me and through that understand what's on my mind and heart. I would like us to be spiritually close and shared the same values in life. I would like him having strong family values as well. My man will make me smile more than I frown, share my ups and downs. I want him know that regardless of anything I will be there to support him in return. I enjoy always staying active! I like getting new impressions, visiting new places and meeting new people! My friends would say, that I have a good sense of humor: I enjoy laughing and I enjoy improving mood to everyone around me: I see my man as a mature, goal-oriented and intelligent person.

However, I believe that the most important is to feel comfortable together Love is in details, and you never know what detail will make you fall in love: It is very important for my future man to ejnoy massage, because I really love doing it ;. Singing is a part of my life. I take vocal lessons twice a week. Now I understand that I can't live without music. If you get cold on the way home from your date perhaps he'll let you borrow this fabulous coat.

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